First Visit

First Visit

Arrive 5-10 minutes early and wear loose fitting clothes. Clothes that will allow us to examine, evaluate and treat the area of concern.  Gym shorts or sweatpants for the guys and a T-shirt work the best.  For women, yoga pants or sweatpants and a T-shirt will be comfortable and still allow you the range of movement you will need.   Your visits will last from 45-60 minutes.

The therapist will collect basic information and together will discuss your current issue.  To determine how your body is responding, the therapist will test your movement, strength and balance.

Following this thorough examination, the therapist will answer three things:

  • Pain origin
  • Treatment plan
  • Treatment duration

If you have just had surgery, you may experience some pain.  Your muscles are healing, but are beginning to build tissue to support the healing area.  Retraining those muscles to improve their range of motion will begin to happen with your treatments and the exercises the therapist will give you to do at home.

At the end of your appointment, you will receive a home program developed by your therapist to address your needs. The home program are therapeutic exercises you can perform on a daily basis or as instructed by your therapist.

If you have questions before your first visit, please call us at 503.353.1278.